Leather Apparel and Accessories in West Fargo, North Dakota

Ivory Leathers offers the finest in leather apparel and accessories

After 25 years of crafting leather items, we have perfected our craft and provide beautiful leather products for you to enjoy. In addition to clothing, we supply several leather accessories.

Leather Jackets

Search through our vast array of leather and textile jackets for both men and women. We carry a variety of sizes and can alter any piece to fit your size.

Leather Vests

We carry a large variety of leather and denim vests as well for both women and men in many sizes. Alterations is a common request. Ask us!

Leather Chaps

We didn’t forget about the chaps! We carry a variety of sizes and styles for everyone. Alterations is a common request. Ask us!

Leather Accessories

No biker outfit is complete with the right accessories. From saddlebags, waterproof leather gloves, bandanas, face masks and more. All meant for safety and style.

Ivory Leathers offers the best in leather products and services within the midwest.

If you have any questions about our items from First Manufacturing and Milwaukee Leathers, or need to know the cost of repairing or alterations, please contact us below.