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Ivory Leathers - Ruth Schlepp_Fargo, North Dakota

About Ivory Leathers

Located in West Fargo, North Dakota, Ivory Leathers is owned by Ruth Schepp. Her store employs highly skilled individuals, providing you with the best shopping experience.

Ruth achieved her dream of opening a store back in 1992. Since that day, she has been serving North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota regions.

Our products are made to last

Day one started with Ivory Leathers’ focus on leather repair and alterations. Our goal is to help you find your best fit leather garment, from motorcycle riding to casual wear. Years of ingenuity have been the key to creating a variety of original custom-fit leather garments, including chaps, jackets, vests, and many other items.

Maintain your custom-fit apparel with Ivory Leathers

Consequently, her business caters to leather repair and custom fit alterations. Dry cleaning and a retail line of clothing for men and women, with sizes ranging from triple extra small to 12 extra-large.

Due to her skill, Ruth has received recognition by the International Association of Machinists for representing her staff.

Ivory Leathers is the place to find beautiful leather items and repair old leather.

Ivory Leathers offers the best in leather products and services within the midwest.

If you have any questions about our items from First Manufacturing and Milwaukee Leathers, or need to know the cost of repairing or alterations, please contact us below.